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Low Traffic Neighbourhoods Update 09/08/21

Consultation Programme Announced:

Lambeth Council has announced the start of its Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTNs) consultation programme, which will see residents given the chance to shape the future of each of the five LTNs that currently operate in the borough. The consultation process will happen in stages over the coming months, beginning with consultation on the Oval to Stockwell and Railton LTNs from September 6.

The consultation will ask whether the LTNs should be made permanent or not and seek local experiences of living and working in and around the areas where the schemes operate, which will be a key input to the decision-making process.

During the consultation there will be a range of engagement activities for local people, who will be asked to share their views through a survey. There will also be opportunities to feedback in person and through targeted events and focus groups for people with specific needs.

LTNs form a key part of Lambeth Council’s Transport Strategy to create a future transport network for Lambeth that is healthier, more inclusive, accessible to all, and that responds to the climate emergency.

Both Railton and Oval to Stockwell LTNs were established in June 2020 under Temporary Traffic Orders and subsequently moved to Experimental Traffic Orders, allowing the schemes to be enforced, data collected and statutory consultation to take place. Three other LTNs – in Tulse Hill, Streatham Hill and Ferndale – will follow the same public consultation process over the coming months.




Lambeth: Zero tolerance over LTN vandalism

Two people have been arrested in Lambeth following extra measures introduced to stop vandalism of signage installed by the council and plantings carried out by the community at the borough’s emergency Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemes.

A man was arrested on Saturday, July 31 after allegedly spray painting signs at the Ferndale Road Low Traffic Neighbourhood, and a second man was arrested the next day after allegedly stealing a sign from the same scheme which is between Brixton and Clapham.

CCTV evidence has been passed to the police so further action can be taken.

The arrests follow Lambeth Council announcing on July 16 that new measures would be put in place to tackle criminal vandalism at the emergency Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemes which are in place to maintain a safe street environment, support green transport options and improve air quality.

The eCargo Bike Grant Fund 2021/22 is open for applications. Apply here .

£400,000 has been made available by the Department for Transport in 2021/22 for the purchase of ecargo bikes, to support businesses switching to a sustainable transport solution.

• Funding covers up to 40% of the total cost of an ecargo bike, up to a maximum of £2,500 for two-wheel models and £4,500 for three-wheel models.

• Applications will be capped at five bikes per organisation. Larger applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

• Applications may include more than one organisation. In these joint ‘high-street’ applications, a lead applicant will be responsible for submitting the application.

For more information please see the Eligibility Criteria and Code of Practice .

The application deadline is 14 December 2021. The claim deadline is 14 February 2022. eCargo bikes do not need to have been delivered for the grant to be paid.

Upcoming DR Bike Events: Railton

Wed 11th August 2021 4:00PM - 7:00PM, Lambeth, Shakespeare Rd (junction w. Coldharbour Lane) SE24, Lambeth

Posted on 9th August 2021

by DG