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Low Traffic Neighbourhoods Update 28/06/2021

This is an update from the Low Traffic Neighbourhood team at Lambeth Council.

Q&A Sessions:

We held our latest question and answer session for the Tulse Hill LTN on Thursday 24th June 2021.

Thank you to everyone who attended and for all those who asked questions and provided feedback.

Given a recent rise in vandalism, we discussed the ways teams within the Council are working together with the Police to both prevent and respond to instances of vandalism. Vandalism is criminal damage; it poses a threat to public safety and will not be tolerated. We are grateful to those who have reported vandalism to us. Please continue to share information with us using the

We received questions around monitoring in relation to the South Circular and Brixton Water Lane. You can read our monitoring strategy and stage one monitoring report online. Our stage two data is currently being analysed which will feed into consultation.

Residents wanted to know other ways the council are supporting more sustainable modes of travel such as more cycle storage, sign-posted walking routes, electric vehicle charging points and communications with freight to create greener delivery methods.

There were also many questions around how we will conduct consultation and make sure we reach beyond a digital audience. We will be sharing more information about this in due course.

The ongoing Citizen's Assembly on the Climate Change was sign-posted. 50 of Lambeth's residents are working together to recommend ways everyone in Lambeth can address climate change and its causes fairly, effectively and quickly. You can find out more here .

The recording from June and previous Q&A sessions have been made available to view on the Commonplace here .

Posted on 28th June 2021

by JM