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Tulse Hill Low Traffic Neighbourhood Enforcement

The council has allowed time for people to get used to the changes as we know that it can take a while to adjust. However, now that the measures have been in place for over 3 months, we have begun enforcement as there is still a small minority of drivers not complying with the measures.

Off the back of feedback received from businesses on Brixton Hill, we have relocated the modal filter planned for Arodene Road to immediately north of the junction with Helix Gardens. This means vehicles will not be able to make a right turn out of Helix Gardens onto Arodene Road.

From 18 January onward enforcement begins and you may be fined £130 if you drive through the modal filters located at:

1. Arodene Road, immediately north of junction with Helix Gardens

2. Leander Road, immediately south of junction with Helix Road

3. Elm Park, immediately north of junction with Craignair Road

4. Upper Tulse Hill, immediately north of junction with Claverdale Road

5. Cotherstone Road, immediately south of junction with Holmewood Gardens

6. Roupell Road, outside no. 41

What happens next?

An ‘experimental traffic order’ covering the scheme came into effect on 18 January 2021. The council will continue to monitor the low traffic neighbourhood in line with our published Monitoring Strategy and will shortly write to you again with data from the first independent traffic assessment that has taken place.

If after 6 months the LTN is meeting its objectives, we may consider making the scheme permanent, only after conducting a public consultation with people in the area.

All monitoring will be collated, analysed and published on this Commonplace. If you wish to make an objection to the Experimental Traffic Order this should be directed to with the grounds of your objection stated.

Posted on 19th January 2021

by JM