Data: monitoring and consultation


Monitoring and consultation


Tulse Hill LTN Decision Report

Tulse Hill LTN has followed Lambeth’s LTN monitoring strategy and gone through two stages of monitoring and a public consultation. We know changes to roads take time to settle in, so we need to monitor in stages to see how travel behaviour changes over time.

The monitoring considered traffic counts, air quality, public transport and emergency service journey times and community feedback. The stages are outlined below:

Temporary Traffic Order

  • Stage 1 Monitoring

Experimental Traffic Order

  • Objection Period (6 months)
  • Stage 2 Monitoring
  • Consultation (5 weeks)

The primary objective of the scheme was to achieve a reduction in traffic considering both roads within and the boundaries of the area.

The results of the monitoring are outlined here:

Stage 1

Stage 2

Monitoring Summary:

  • Motor vehicle traffic fell by 31% inside the LTN and increased by 6% on boundary roads. Overall, a 2% reduction was recorded.
  • Across all streets, the volume of HGVs has decreased by 18% whilst the volume
  • of LGVs has increased by +21%.
  • Cycling rates increased by 107% on internal roads, and 67% on external roads.


Lambeth Council launched a consultation for the Tulse Hill LTN on November 15th 2021 for a period of 5 weeks, until December 19th 2021.

Read the full consultation report here.

This engagement phase has finished

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