Safety and Vandalism


Safety and Vandalism

Safety and vandalism data, analysis and feedback.

Safety is a key priority in creating a street environment that is welcoming to all. As well as reducing the number and speed of collisions on our roads, we want to prioritise the creation of a street environment that feels safe at any time of the day or night.

Since the start of the data collection period we have received 386  community safety and vandalism related emails

Benefits noted:

  • Quieter streets feel safer to walk and cycle in
  • Improved safety for individuals with specific characteristics, e.g. children and elderly people

Concerns noted:

  • Respondents mentioned feeling vulnerability at night, and that quieter streets feel more unsafe
  • Speeding problems have been noted, especially on Elm Park
  • Non-Compliance is a continuous problem – stakeholders have also informed us of drivers covering number plates
  • Camera and Sign Vandalism continues to be a problem, with residents frequently reporting instances
  • Expressions of disappointment in the ongoing vandalism

Lambeth Made Community Forums:

Lambeth Made Community meetings and websites allow residents and community groups to work with organizations that provide local services, like the police and the council.

The aim is to build community resilience, improve community safety, and reduce violence.

Vandalism Response:

Vandalism has been a persistent issue throughout the trial of all LTNs across Lambeth. In response, a series of measures were put in place;

  • Extra CCTV
  • More council patrols
  • Extra police visits
  • Improved response time to replace and repair damaged equipment

The council will also continue to seek to prosecute those committing vandalism and have already arrested and charged two people in connection with the vandalism.

This engagement phase has finished

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